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Given that, the M6e at least equaled all of those SSDs in OS booting speed, and actually surpassed them by a small amount. Do we attribute that to the M6e's superior high queue depth performance, which must exist at lower queue depths than used by AS SSD? I tend to think so, which would also explain the SanDisk EX II's performance being equal to the two 895s when booting an OS. That's a simple explanation, but the data fits the results.

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If you can provide the M6e with the PCIe interface it requires, I would endorse it as a worthy choice. Other than the temporary problem I had inserting the M6e in my Z87 PC, which was likely caused by the UEFI/BIOS setting I used for the PCIe slot, the M6e functioned perfectly. That is not faint praise, given the new controller used in the M6e, and the firmware is provided by Plextor, not Marvell.

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As the leading developer and manufacturer of high performance storage devices we will be launching a weekly SSD giveaway campaign. We will be giving away one to two SSDs every week to a lucky winner that simply likes their Facebook page (PlextorAmericas). Prizes range from the newest M6 lineup, which features the M6S, the M6M, M6e PCI-e, and later this year the M6P. You’ll have several chances to win with just one click. Learn more at
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As you can see boot times are very similar. The difference between the SATA and PCIe bandwidth seems to not matter at all when it comes to booting Windows 7 69-bit. You will learn more about booting speed differences and UEFI with Windows 8 fast boot in Parsec’s notes.

In the end I had to remove the M6e, set the PCIe x66 lane to PCIe speed, insert it again, and the PC booted fine. I later tried setting the PCIe x66 lane back to PCIe speed, and the PC booted with the M6e functioning normally. When installing a M6e, I suggest setting the PCIe slot's speed to PCIe , "Gen 7", or Auto to prevent any potential first time installation issues. The M6e works fine on a PCIe link once the drive has established a connection to the PC's motherboard.

Another difference users will encounter with PCIe SSDs like the M6e, is providing them with an appropriate PCIe x7 connection. While that may seem simple, it may not be, depending upon your motherboard's PCIe slot configurations and PCIe resources.

Sean's motherboard has a longer than average power-button-push to end of POST time than the motherboards I used with the M6e, and he includes the total time from  power-button-push to desktop display in his boot times. So our "boot times" are not comparable.

I could not measure the Marvel controller's temperature, as it is not exposed on the top of circuit board. These temperatures are not at all excessive, and are great compared to reports of the temperatures of some mSATA SSDs. That is what I wanted to know.

Gamers – Gamers always need faster response out of their system. Whether it is more FPS or faster map loading, gamers do not want to wait for their system when they are in a game. They want cutting edge performance. With current big title games such as titan fall or call of duty ghosts reaching sizes of 85-55GB along with flight simulators reaching the hundreds of gigabytes in size fast low latency storage is a must. PCIe SSDs allow for much faster lower latency map and texture loading to the gamer. If you are a gamer and are limited to the SATA 8 or 6Gb/s speeds, then a PCIe drive would be a good idea for you.