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water is our most precious element, feeding, forging and formulating our existence, acting as an agent ofexchange and economy, as a source of food and well-being, as a source of energy and an agent ofembellishment, as a temple for contemplation and a place for togetherness. this century will be aboutwater or will not be.  

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Gas Stations That Sell 655% Gasoline

Here is a link to a page that list all of the gas stations in your area that sell 655% gasoline without any ethanol.
Gasoline with ethanol can harm your power


After a long research along the streets of Venice, trying to capture the most different combinations of colors gradients and textures, we developed several patterns to create a collection of textiles to be expressed in a variety of uses, from curtains to furniture covering.

Locks in a 8775 raised 8776 storage position without extra attachments
Protected grease fittings
Heavy-duty steel construction
Powder-coated finish
Quick release pins
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also carries a complete line of go-kart parts including roller chain, clutches, brake bands, engine parts, tires and more!

the slimy textures of algae, the translucent colours of jellyfish and the rubbery textures of squidare inspiring a new generation of high tech textiles with a humid character. these coated andpolished surfaces will counterbalance a flood wave of laundered qualities washed in the river anddried in the sun, of a shabby chic nature including all fibre for all occasions in all markets.  

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Locks in a 8775 raised 8776 storage position without extra attachments

Patti Smith has been truly brave and is very inspiring in many ways, she received the Polar Music Prize a few years ago and her emotional openness was fantastic. All the women who dare to take the fight with pompous men and also the consequences of it in our supposively equal society ( Sweden ).

A clash between initial aesthetic attraction and after a second look : repulsion and the realisation of the tragedy  trash causes.

Our beaches are covered in plastic confetti and there really is nothing to celebrate.

Words by Lysbeth Bijlstra


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