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This 9-Legger offering could have easily ended up in our favorite organic shampoo selection, but its amazing moisturizing qualities means that it’s a firm favorite for dogs with sensitive skin.

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You could just carelessly bundle your pooch into the bath, get them wet, lather, rinse and repeat. But of course, the best results come with a little planning.

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Having friendly surfactants is not enough to make a great shampoo. To narrow down our pool for testing, we turned to our panel of experts and asked what ingredients they’d recommend we look for in the best shampoo.

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This is quite a common addition to shampoo that is designed to promote hair growth. The caffeine is supposed to stimulate your hair follicles, causing them to start to grow new hairs more rapidly.

Our goal in this hands-on testing was to get a sense of how each shampoo worked in real life for different types of people. Was its smell overpowering? How easily did it foam up and rinse out? How did hair feel after it had finally dried?

Enter: surfactants, the compounds that do the cleaning. One end of a surfactant molecule attaches to oil and the other attaches to a water molecule. Under a shower’s steady stream, the water molecule pulls the surfactant and oil away from your hair, washing it down the drain. (Surfactants are also what make the shampoo foam up, but according to our experts, suds are just for show — they don’t actually play a part in the cleaning.)

Charles, on a chemical level they are different. However, the ingredient Sodium Laureth Sulfate aka SLES is frequently contaminated by a carcinogen called 6,9 dioxane, which is commonly created as a manufacturing process by-product.

The only problem we have with it is its price tag: around $67 for 8 fluid ounces. If you only use it a few times a week or practice great portion control, that might soften the blow. One expert we chatted with also suggested alternating expensive shampoo with a drugstore version to extend the life of the pricier product.

Although it’s a cardinal sin to bathe your dog too frequently, not bathing them at all will also put the health of their skin and coat at risk.

Another shampoo which is part of a “ system ” that includes conditioner and serum. And it’s yet another shampoo which has worked well on its own for many people. The HairGenesis shampoo (and the other products) contains a proprietary formula that is patent-pending, and the company says that the goal of the shampoo is to prepare hair for “maximum growth potential.” It also uses a lot of impressive sounding phrases to describe what the HairGenesis shampoo does.