Cara partisi harddisk secara aman tanpa software di

“There’s more upside in the European financial sector in the medium term, because the . is in a later stage of recovery. They restructured the banking system very early, and in Europe, it’s just beginning to happen,” she says.

Bagaimana cara menggabungkan partisi tanpa kehilangan Data

tanya mas. kalo udah partisi tapi muncul unllocated disk space, tapi gak bisa di shrink tu knapa ya??? http:///7567/66/seragam-kerja-kantor-murah-di-.

FreeNAS ® User Guide -U2

Gan ko saya setelah ikutin urutannya berhasil, tpi stelah di restar ko ada tulisan booting missing ctrl+alt+del, jdi mesti gimana dong, apa hrus di install ulang

6investments you overlooked chasing the bull market

Investment case: Russia’s economy and financial markets have crumbled under the . and EU-imposed sanctions. But rather than getting scared off, investors should be attracted by the dire situation, according to Higgins.

Gilbert likes Indian assets in particular, partly because a recent pullback has made that market look attractive. Additionally, he’s keen on Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand, as they have well-managed companies that are doing well and look cheap at the same time.

But that doesn’t mean there aren’t any fruitful places to invest at all. Look beyond the mainstream, and there are plenty of potentially profit-yielding nuggets — it’s just a matter of finding them, fund managers say.

And in contrast to many larger emerging-market companies, small businesses usually face fewer political risks, because they aren’t state-owned, he explained. This removes some of the uncertainty you’d often encounter when expanding your portfolio to include assets from developing countries.

Specifically, he pointed to basic-materials exporters from Brazil, South Africa and South Korea, such as companies selling paper, chemicals and meat to developed markets.

“People are losing sight of the long-term benefits of weaker currencies in the emerging markets for companies that sell to developed markets,” he explained. “You’ve got [quantitative easing] in many developed markets, together with low currencies in emerging markets — that’s a powerful combo.”

Recommended by: David Zahn, head of European fixed income at Franklin Templeton Investments, who runs the Franklin European Total Return Fund, with 899 million euros ($979 million) under management