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sammaa.. aku terakhir makan smgyetang juga di bibigo.. hihi..
supnya light banget rasanya n lembut ya.. anakku juga suka..
btw, baby chicken ada juga tuh di Grand Lucky supermarket, kmrn aku liat.. sempet kepikir buat samgyetang jg dirumah, tp ko ya males nyari goji, ginger sama goji nya.. km dapet dimana ded?

Samgyetang Recipe (Korean Chicken Soup with Ginseng

I think I 8767 ve eaten somewhere where chicken wings are stuffed with glutinous rice. It was so tasty and delicious. I can imagine this dish is more that that!

Now this is a super delicious chicken soup! Mmm love the sticky rice stuffing and the broth must be so delicious 🙂

Dedy, this is one of my fave soups & I make this very often. For me, I dump the chicken into the slow cooker at night after stuffing all the ingredients. The delicious soup is ready for the family the next day! Yummy!

We cook chicken with ginseng all the time but never stuffed with sticky rice. We have duck stuffed with that but not cooked with ginseng. Nice, very nice.

Bid fan of Korean food but I have never seen that in a restaurant. The soup looks just splendid and love how the chicken is stuffed. Wonder if it would be good for my small cold too lol.

Hehehe, you 8767 ve caught me there, i was pronounced it just like my medical books said about people as junvenile..

This is my kind of nourishing and comforting soup. Unfortunately we cannot get ginseng root where I live and good quality dried abalone is super pricey.

Goji berry, ginseng sama angchonya bli di toko obat di Palembang sini mbak, tp klo di jakarta banyak yg jual juga deh di daerah Glodok atau Petak Sembilan.

this sounds very interesting, especially with the goji berries. In South Africa, a Cornish Hen is larger than a normal chicken 🙂