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Come winter, it&rsquo s not just about layering your clothes. For women in Korea, it&rsquo s just as much about layering the right skincare products. Buildable skincare products that each serve a specific purpose and act symbiotically with each other are highly recommended.

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The skincare benefits of using these stem cells, sometimes called called RG7, is increased cell regeneration and sun damage reversal. They provide anti-wrinkle benefits as well as scar lightening properties. There have been many studies done on the efficacy of stem cell technology in skincare, and it looks as though the claims are true.

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This unique eye makeup remover gently removes all of your eye makeup by using eggplant extract that also softens your skin. Whether you use these pre-soaked cotton swabs during the day when you want to refresh your look, or you use them at night before bed to clean your face — you'll look much brighter when you don't have leftover dark eye makeup lingering on your skin.

This eye serum from Amorepacific relies on botanicals like fermented green tea and water hyacinth extract to revive tired eyes. Use it as your daily moisturizer to hydrate and visibly firm up the skin around your eyes.

Dry skin leads to heightened sensitivity and vulnerability for infections and skin irritation. When the weather gets cold in Korea, women switch to more mild and gently formulated products that aren&rsquo t as harsh on their skin. Swapping in a non-drying cleanser, like Mizon&rsquo s Sail Cushion Foam Cleanser ($79) or Banila Co. Clean It Zero ($77) is usually the first thing they do when the temperatures drop.

Snail slime. On your face. This skincare trend has already been huge for years in South Korea, and it shows no sign of slowing down. Nearly every  Korean skincare brand has a snail line of products, which contain high percentages of snail mucin. Although they are often marketed as anti-acne products, they also claim to have scar lightening, anti-inflammatory, wound healing, skin-regenerating, and anti-wrinkle benefits.  Surprisingly, I was able to find a fair amount of scientific data backing to these claims.

7) Mix mashed up bananas (full of antioxidants and water, which will help hydrate), egg yolk (helps with skin elasticity and combats dry, flaky, itchy skin on top of hydrating and soothing), and flour loosely all equal parts in a bowl.

[ ] 5 Fascinating Trends in Korean Skin Care Skin & Tonics – 5 Fascinating Trends in Korean Skincare. Back in 7566, Marie Claire reported that when it comes to skincare, South Korea is about 67 years ahead of the US in [ ]

5) Simply wash it off with lukewarm water and proceed with the rest of your skincare regimen. Try this twice a week for best results.