Porcelain Countertops: Why you should upgrade

Granite, being a very popular choice for countertops, is the hardest natural stone.  While most people say you can cut on it, you still might leave some scratches in the stone.  Porcelain surfaces are 85% stronger than granite, and stain and impact resistant.

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Q&A: “Do both Twins have to Awaken to get to Twin Flame

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In dire situations on my own journey early on when I was finding it near impossible to forgive my Twin for actions and choices that went against everything I stood for spirit helped me with this:

This might seem simplified, but it’s true. As souls, you and your Twin Flame are the two most identical individuals in the universe. You share a core frequency that no one else shares.

Enter Plane – large format porcelain tile.  Plane was created to enhance the slab marketplace and revolutionize how you think about countertops.  With 77 different colors only 6mm thick, there are countless ways to enhance your home.  As porcelain countertops can be installed almost anywhere, you can instantly upgrade to create a stunning effect.

To speed up the Ascension and purification process and take the pain out of the connection, have a look at the Vibrational Alignment Program which I created along with spirit after my Twin and I reached union.

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