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Rehab From Addiction Through Extreme Sports

23How can you put yourself through an effective rehab programme if you have been addicted to drugs and alcohol for more than 15 years? How do you reconcile your vast talents and wasted life in drugs and alcohol? How do you come to terms with an addicted mother who committed suicide in your toddler years? Meet Todd Crandell from Ohio, and learn how you can turn addicted life around through a rehab programme based on extreme sports that will give you purpose and meaning in life.

Todd’s sad story began when he was 3. His mother, who was addicted to drugs committed suicide. That left a scar in Todd s deep that he suffered from emotional problems from a young age. He could not reconcile with the fact that his mother was gone. Where was the love that was supposed to be given to a child growing? His father, dealing with his own grieve then could do little to help him cope. As a result, by 13, Todd has started drinking. At 16, he had his first taste of cocaine and that got him hooked. All those years of searching for something that would ease his pain of his mother’s lost suddenly seem to be over. He thought the high of drugs could ease that pain. For temporary moments, he felt that relieve. Drugs and alcohol was his rehab from the pain of losing his mother.

Todd was always a talented sportsman. He excelled in ice hockey and was active in other sports. At high school, he was one of the best goal tender in the team. But as his drug addition got hold of him, he became less and less of a player he was supposed to be. His coached sacked him reluctantly, but Todd did not care. Drugs were his rehab and detox from the pain that never went away. The end of his high school sports days was also the beginning of a journey of torment, jail, arrest, despair, and aimlessness for him. Living and dying became non existence to him. He could not see any difference.

In 1991, his father gave him an ultimatum to go to rehab or get out of his home. Todd told his father that he would have enough of his ‘rehab’ first before going for a real rehab and detox programme. He even threatened to ‘kill’ his father if he tried to stop him. There was nothing Todd’s father could do, but he never gave up on his son. As months past, Todd saw the love and care of his dad, and in 1993, while drinking beer, he simply put down his drink and walked away. Todd had reached his turning point. His real rehab had begun.

He began playing sports again, and used that platform as his main rehab programme. Playing hockey again did not mean much to him anymore. He needed something more intense and extreme that would stretch him beyond what he has experienced. The pain he had suffered during his addiction days needed to be replaced by another form of pain for this new rehab programme to work. Triathlon became his new drug. The Iron Man through 2.4 miles of swimming in open waters, 120 miles on the road bike over rolling terrain and 26 mile of running to test the human endurance to the limit, became his new drug towards a more purposeful and meaningful life.

Todd trained for months preparing for this big test. His new rehab programme reshaped his body and also redirected his energies to something more purposeful. When the time came, Todd succeeded in his first Iron Man. He found his new drug, this time it is a positive form of drug. Todd went on to complete more than ten Iron Man races. In 2001 Todd also found new drive and purpose in his life. He discovered that his life was actually preparing him for his ultimate calling of helping those in similar troubles as him. He started the ‘Racing for Recovery’ programme in Ohio, and that had drawn huge interest from those like him before, seeking to rehab themselves from drug and alcohol addiction. Todd also found success in his family. He now has a family of his own, although his work in the “Racing for Recovery’ programme took him away from them quite often. But his new found hope and drive had given Todd a new lease of life. From hereon, his new rehab programme would continue and there will be no end. We are constantly on rehab once we have found our calling in life.

Jimmy Tong has been a Physical Educator for 13 Years in Singapore, with degree in sports science and physical education from Loughborough University in UK. He has extensive coaching experience in soccer, floorball and rugby teams in Singapore Schools. He is currently a sports development officer in Singapore schools as well as an active contributor of sports training articles to improve sports performance in athletes. He hopes to enable people’s success to come by inspiring them with true sports motivational and inspirational stories.

3 Awesome Extreme Sports

21When you think of sports what do you think of? Maybe you think of football, soccer, basketball or baseball. Well, in the world of sports there is much more than just the classic sports you always hear about.

I have made a list of 3 extreme sports that will be sure to get your adrenaline pumping. Extreme sports, un-like other sports, are always exciting and are usually somewhat dangerous. The danger is the reason they are so exciting and why they are so extreme.

Let’s take a look at these sports and who knows, maybe you’ll find one your interested in and take on a whole new lifestyle.

1. The first sport on our list is motocross. I am sure you know what this is but incase you don’t, it’s when a lot of people race dirt bikes around a man-made track with jumps, whoops, berms and many more features. This is extremely fast paced and exciting to watch.

What is even more exciting is actually participating in the sport. It is a little expensive to start but it is an investment that keeps on giving. Just be sure that you get the proper protective gear because it is a dangerous sport. If you have a chance be sure to go watch a professional race as the professionals ride faster than you could believe.

2. Now let’s check out freestyle motocross. This is where riding dirt bikes truly gets insane. This is where people will do tricks on their dirt bikes.

Freestyle motocross is probably most known because of the freestyle competitions held at the X-Games every year. Riders will take their bikes off of 70 foot jumps doing backflips, grabs, different body movements and pretty much every trick you can possibly imagine. It truly is spectacular.

Keep in mind that performing tricks on a dirt bike is extremely difficult and you should always try tricks into a foam pit before taking them to the dirt.

3. The last sport on our list is cliff jumping. This is something everyone can do but is still exhilarating and very extreme.

Cliff jumping is where you find a cliff or ledge that towers above a body of water and jump from it into the water. This is something that everyone should try at least once.

If you ask around I am sure someone you know will tell you of a place that you can do this safely.

A few things to keep in mind are to not jump off of anything too tall (15-35 feet is ideal), always check to make sure the water is deep enough so you don’t hit the ground and make sure you jump out far enough to land in the deep water

The History and Evolution of Extreme Sports

19From barrier breaking auto-racing to the calm and peaceful game of golf, the world of games and sports has always been exciting. While the masses enjoy commonly watched sports such as tennis and soccer, there are many people who are involved in sports that do not have much fan following.

Yet, even those sports are enough to fascinate the athletes and audience alike. For instance, kayaking is not a very common sport yet you can find a lot of shops with Kayak accessories and kayak hardware.

There is one kind of sport that is although very popular but only few people are courageous enough to be a part of it as a professional athlete – the extreme sports. The true definition of extreme sports is hard to find, yet it can simply be categorized as a sports or activities that are associated with the adrenaline rush that is felt by the athletes and the audience as well.

Extreme sports are also referred to as action sports or adventure sports because they mostly fulfill the thirst for thrill and adventure. These sports can take participants to the edge of their physical and psychological extreme. Also, these sports involve a very high risk of fatal injury. However, every sport that involves a high risk of injury might not be extreme.

The term extreme sports is said to be coined by the highly publicized TV event, The X games. However, the origin of such games links back to simple games and sports. The extreme enthusiasts usually add new and risky techniques and maneuvers in existing sports to make it more thrilling for them and exciting for the audience.

Skateboarding, which is a common and popular activity around the neighborhoods of America, was taken to extremes by performing extraordinary maneuvers at unimaginable heights and dangerous terrains. Similarly, extreme enthusiasts took the typical bike and BMX ride and turned the activity into extreme sports such as dirt biking and extreme BMX.

The scope of going extreme in a sport is not limited to being land but also in the sky and water. Sky diving, paragliding and bungee jumping are some of the most favorite sports of this kind. Plus, hiking is also taken to the next level by climbing the most impossible places such as glaciers and high mountains.

Water gliding, surfing and paragliding are only few of the sports that take the participants to the extremes of their physical and mental endurance. Other water extreme sports include canoeing and rafting against speedy raging rivers.

As apparent in most sports of this kind, these sports do not need any special ground or conditions. Rather, they are played in a natural environment with virtually no or very less safety gear and equipment. Today, there is a new breed of extreme sports that relies totally on human physical capabilities and the ability to transform the body into an extreme machine. A popular example of these activities is free running in which participants jump and run with nearly super-human skills.

Extreme Sports Aren’t Any Fun Without Proof and Bragging Rights

18Are there more people participating in extreme sports, or are there just more video cameras out there at a low enough price that anyone can afford?

The reason I dare to ask this question is as I go online I am amazed at all the crazy activities that human beings get themselves into, and all the trouble and injuries that occur when they fall on their butts.

Now then to answer this question I’d like to propose a hypothesis, it goes something like this;

1.) Yes, humans are doing more extreme activities when it comes to sports
2.) One thing that motivates them is the fact that they can get it all on video, so they do

It is for these two reasons that we are seeing more YouTube videos of people doing extreme things, as well as watching the “agony of defeat” when they make a mistake, get in over their head, or crash and burn. There was an interesting article in the Wall Street Journal had an interesting article published on June 20, 2013 titled; “Extreme Sports Get a Camera – Surfer, Seeking a Way to Film His Outrageous Stunts, Realizes He Has to Invent It,” by Lizette Chapman.

The article didn’t surprise me much because I did do some research on this in 2004 with regards to the future virtual reality in your holographic living room and how the computer gaming industry would grab hold of all of these videos and allow individuals to experience a simulation of some of these most fantastic extreme sporting maneuvers and activities. Soon you will be able to download someone’s B.A.S.E. jump and have a near experience in your own living room, perhaps enough to get your heart really pumping and a perfect venue for adrenaline junkies.

Imagine being inside of your holographic living room where everything appears real, and stepping forward one step and feeling a rush of speed as the visual effects make you feel as if you are falling, and then you reach back behind and pull on a lever which allows the shoot to open, and if you don’t, the ground comes up really fast, and there’s a big crashing sound of broken bones and a thud from the base speakers in your living room.

This perhaps will be the future of extreme sports simulation, and it will give money for those extreme daredevils who do the stunts. They can sell their experiences to computer gamers and couch potatoes. Please consider all this and think on it.

Reasons for Extreme Sports

17Extreme sports are frequently linked with a variety of youth subcultures.
Extreme sports are no more considered “extreme”. Now-a-days, they seem to be more or less similar to the conventional activities that are played at a high level.

A few sweeping statements can be given about extreme sports.
They are approximately always an individual not a team activity.
They often spotlight on performing tricks or stunts.

Some people who enjoy extreme sports disclaim the conventional “adrenaline junkie” label.

There are many reasons for the popularity of extreme sports among people. The practitioners would assert that they enjoy developing their physical or mental abilities.

They seek excellence in unwelcoming situations, and look to get away from the regular rigors of day-to-day existence.

They just love the rough country atmosphere in which lots of these sports take place.

Bob Drury, a paraglide pilot tells, “We do these things not to escape life, but to prevent life escaping us.”

However, accidents in these sports could be deadly. Contestants cannot think anything except extreme sports.

To the most zealous purists, the sport tag does not fit as they are not competing to win anything.

Worse, the extreme tag has regularly been blamed for typecasting participants as stupid, irresponsible, and even suicidal.

Eric Brymer, PhD (2005), discovered that the potential of extraordinary experiences was a significant part of the extreme sport experience.

Some of these sports have survived for decades. Some of the generations are continuing to become well known personalities.

Rock climbing and ice climbing have given fame to people like Edmund Hillary, Chris Bonington, and Wolfgang Gullich. Lately, we had a new name in this field. It is none other than Joe Simpson. Another similar instance is surfing.

Thus, extreme sports are played for no specific reasons as such. It is the personal interest of a person that drives him into these sports! In short, extreme sports are played because they involve adventure, risk, and an unmatched thrilling experience.