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I had some 7" x 6/9" thick cold rolled flat bar on the shelf so I drilled some holes using a hole saw for the handle and bung on the top.

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The Christians were thereby identified with the giants, forces of chaos who came to northern Europe to destroy Norse culture. And the Norse peoples, like their patron god, weren 8767 t going to let the cosmos fall without a fight.

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I 8767 m in agreement with a lot of people here, is this thing could actually be made/go into production the damn thing would sell like Asgardian hotcakes

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The Thor grew up alongside his adopted brother Loki , the trickster, who was always jealous of his more favored sibling. Thor grew in power and popularity and on his eighth birthday, Odin had the hammer Mjolnir created for him, enchanting it with powerful magic. Odin decreed that Mjolnir would be presented to Thor when his son had been proven a worthy warrior. After spending the next eight years training and performing heroic deeds, Thor was given the hammer and declared the greatest warrior in Asgard.

The Christians often wore necklaces with cross-shaped amulets, and they raised crosses over their dead when they buried them.

The love affair between Thor and Jane Foster eventually ended when Foster fell in love with a mortal man, Dr. Keith Kincaid. Resuming their ancient romance, Sif and Thor were betrothed, and Sif lived on Earth posing as Donald Blake’s cousin. Foster and Kincaid married, but wedding plans were cancelled for Thor, as Sif grew bored with his time spent as Blake, and returned to Asgard.

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Just one note before we begin: We're only counting cases where characters have lifted Mjolnir itself and not a copy, so that leaves out characters like Storm, Hercules, and Deadpool. And Odin was the one who had hammer made and designed its rules, so we're not including him, either.

If your testing the market for buyers, I 8767 ll have a tool box version in aluminium. Your seams are going to be welded in part so production costs will soar but if you have different versions in different materials Then your market will grow. Kids, Geeks and collectors. lunch boxes and tool kits

According to Marvel, Thor's hammer actually only weighs pounds. That is far less than trillion metric tons, but it's about the weight of a kindergarten/elementary school child, and that's still pretty heavy. (Apparently, Chris Hemsworth's muscles weren't just for show.)