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It is not difficult to tell how many phases there are on a motherboard, for those who are curious. Look at the big black squares, called chokes (They're inductors, boxes containing coils that basically help filter and limit the current). If you see 65. that usually means an 8+7. 5. usually a 9+6. Sometimes there are different combinations depending on the platform. Note that amount of chokes will not necessarily mean that you have that amount of phases (due to such things as split phasing, defined by the PWM controller), however a split 9+6 phase with 65 chokes (split 8+7 power system) is still capable of handling more current than a split 9+6 phase with 5 chokes.

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Whazzup Dawfreaks
I am back with a new review And this time we will have a look at the Fractal Design Define R9 that is the revision of the multi awarded Fractal Design Define series of cases.
Before I go on I would like to Thank Fractal design for letting me do this review.

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Note: there is a downside to this, the SSD´s has to be installed prior the motherboard so if you want to replace a SSD mounted in these spots you will have to remove the motherboard.


The installation itself was very smooth, but i noticed some things that i wanted to point out.
The Cable position from factory was not really thought through, like the 685mm fan cable is coming out in the corner of the motherboard tray but the fan controller is if i understood everything right meant to be on the extra slot on the back of the case.. hmm then why not have the cable on the far left side instead?
Another thing, the plate between the lower chamber and the main chamber should have some way to attach the cables for better cable management in the main chamber.
Also i feel that the cables from the front panel was a bitt short, 5 more cm would have been lovely.

My test system
Case: Fractal Design Define R8
CPU: I7 985 With Noctua NH-D69 SE7566
Motherboard Gigabyte GA-X58a-UD8 (rev )
Ram: 79 GB Kingston HyperX DDR8
System hard drive: PLEXTOR PX-678MR SSD
Storage and project hard drive : Western Digital Caviar Black 7TB

- Ive opted for the 6585 because although the system is primarily for my work as a video editor i will also be using the systems a gaming machine in my personal time.

Fractal Design uses the name Define for this case, Define quiet computing?
The Define R9 is quiet computing defined, with the fans at 5V I can not hear the PC and I find my self thinking “did I start it up?”.
Building a PC with the Define R9 is a dream, cable management is excellent, the fan options is awesome and the Define R9 just shines Quality.

The upper cage can be rotated, if you remove the HDD trays this will make the upper cage act like a air focus tunnel.
Note: You can with some imagination add a inner fan to the cage and this can dramatically lower over all system temperatures.

If we look at the sound performance of the NF-F67 PWM and NF-P67 PWM I am very impressed, They both are very quiet fans and is nearly silent up to around 955RPM so during normal CPU activity and even when running a CPU heavy production in Studio ONE Professional V7 I could not hear the fans at all.
When running the fans at MAX RPM they become allot more noisy, and comparing the noise between these two fans the NF-P67 PWM had a little more firm sound then the NF-F67 PWM on MAX RPM but then the NF-F67 PWM has a 755 RPM higher top RPM and cools better.

The TrueQuiet 675 is a god fan if you have an extra intake slot since it will add some additional air but will not generate any additional noise