How to Copy XBOX One Games From External HDD to Another

What if you can just copy your existing games from your older drive to your new one? I almost gave up because I didn 8767 t want to risk damaging my existing XBOX One data in my older drive and Windows doesn 8767 t really detect the XBOX One-formatted external drive properly and marks it uninitialized in Disk Management. Thankfully, XBOX One uses the same NTFS file system as Windows and you only need to switch the master boot record for it to work. Simple as it sounds, its very technical work. Thankfully there 8767 s a tool to make this easy.

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Many XBOX One users may have already considered upgrading their storage already and if you haven 8767 t already opened up your XBOX One console and installed an SSD or larger HDD in there, you 8767 re probably using an external USB hard drive. That 8767 s fine and all but after a while, you may end up racking in a lot of games and your 6TB portable HDD just isn 8767 t big enough and you decide to get another drive.

Now the challenge is how do you move your existing games from one drive to another? The XBOX One doesn 8767 t have any built-in utility to do so and you need to redownload or reinstall your game to your new drive. Another method is by moving it back to the internal storage and then moving it again to the new one which is also time consuming.

This method caused my computer to crash, and all content from old drive is gone. When I plug back into computer I hear a detection sound but no drive letter appears. Followed instructions to a Tee. Oh well

This application scans and makes modifications to the MBR of the drive. I take no responsibility for any damage done to the device or loss of data caused by utilizing this application.
This has been tested on only a handful of drives so there could be issues. Use at your own risk.