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Now is no time to be complacent.

We all have to do SOMETHING, be it going to demonstrations, counter-demonstrations, letter-writing, learning with kavanah, davening with even more kavanah, investing in Israel, buying Israeli, & helping Jews in places like Argentina and Europe (just look at France today) make aliyah to Israel. We ourselves need to look at aliyah once again as something that is to be done in the "first person", not just by others on our dime.

Don't wait for tommorrow - just do today.

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Mainkan musik atau biarkan bayi Anda mendengarkan musik seperti musik klasik (Mozart misalnya). Penelitian membuktikan bahwa musik klasik dapat merangsang perkembangan neuron-neuron otak bayi.

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I just want to thank all the Israeli soldiers for working so tirelessly to protect and defend the State of Israel. Thank you to all of those individuals who go to Israel to serve in the Israeli army. I am sure that you get tired, and, have moments of doubt and wonder, however, I just want to thank you for everything you do. Thank you for your bravery, and, for being you. Sincerely, Rachel Coleman Hopefully, my body will be physically strong enough to one day return home, and, or I will be emotionally strong enough to one day come home. Thank you again for working so tirelessly to defend and protect and serve this beautiful and amazing country. תודה רבה

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My sister and me going to visit Yisrael next sunday, i have 7 Israel degel in each window of may car, in my back yard another degel, and all the money that we save just to spended in The Land. Am ISRAEL Chai, WE LOVE ISRAEL !

“Childbirth is a very difficult process and for each baby represents an enormous stress,” said AFP Mrs. Slavka Viragova, chief physician of the maternity hospital in Kosice-Saca, who introduced the draft.

I believe that one of the major downfalls of the Jewish people throughout history is failure to unite in times of need. Here in the US the media is extremely anit semitic and depicts Israel as the bad guy, Well I think history as shown us that the only people who are going to help the Jews are the Jews, I wish that the American Jews would for once stand up for themselves and organize public protests
against biased media reports and to show support for Ariel Sharon in his decision to stand up for his people against the leaders of the world who all seem to be indifferent to JEWISH SUFFERING.

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Once a week, call any and all friends in Israel to let them know our thoughts are with them.
Organize a weekly psalm group to share saying all of psalms for the sake of peace in Israel.
Buy an Israel Bond.
Get your shul/school/ other affiliation to defray the cost of an ambulance for Magen David Edom.
Write letters to your representatives in congress and President Bush!

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